Teaching resources

Some great links for instructors:

  • Faculty focus – articles on teaching with technology, curriculum development, classroom management and more
  • Slate‘s education section – opinionated, often thought-provoking articles on education
  • Flickr – use the advanced search to find Creative Commons-licensed images you can use in class
  • Teacher Tube – educational videos
  • MERLOT – incredible range of teaching resources from the California State University system
  • Planboard app – allows teachers to keep track of schedules, plan lessons, and manage grades; allows for collaboration and sharing of lesson plans
  • Eclicker – an app that allows you to use clicker questions without the equipment – takes advantage of students’ smartphones and iPads instead
  • Studyblue – a user-generated library of online flashcards; students can view others’ flashcards or create their own
  • Remind – allows instructors to send text messages to students’ phones easily and securely, without revealing instructor or students’ phone numbers
  • EdTech Digest’s 2015 awards – great list of useful apps, tools, games and websites for education
  • EduTech Wiki – from the University of Geneva’s educational technology research and teaching unit

Specifically for biology instructors:

  • BIODIDAC – high-quality, free line drawings and photos to use for biology classes
  • Cells Alive – animations, PowerPoints, worksheets and quizzes on cell biology, microbiology, immunology and genetics
  • DNA from the Beginning – animations, videos, and problems describing the major experiments that have contributed to modern genetics
  • Naked Genetics – 30-minute podcasts on a variety of genetics-related topics from the University of Cambridge
  • Animalearn – a list of virtual dissections available online
  • Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative at UBC – provides support to various science departments based on research about how people learn; link is to research articles that would be helpful to any science instructor
  • Anatomy 4D – great study tool for Biology 12 and A&P

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