I’m a biology instructor at Vancouver Community College. I cover a pretty wide range of subjects within biology, but my favourites are ecology and invertebrates. My educational background includes a BSc. in Zoology and MSc. in Environmental Biology and Ecology from the University of Alberta, and a PhD. in Biology from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. My PhD research focused on the effects of an invasive seaweed on native kelp bed communities, and I used fatty acid analysis (biochemistry) and multivariate statistics pretty extensively in my work. When I’m not teaching (or marking, or preparing to teach, or fiddling with my course’s Moodle site…), I do power yoga, cook, bake, snowshoe, hike, kayak, and work with my husband on renovating our new-to-us 85-year-old house.

This blog is part of the BC Provincial Instructor Diploma Program; the earliest posts were for PIDP 3100 (Foundations of Adult Education) and the March-April 2015 posts fulfill part of the requirements for PIDP 3240 (Media Enhanced Learning). For 3240, the purpose of this blog is to highlight and discuss issues, research and resources related to educational technology.


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